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All children will be exempt from charges until the age of 18 or 19 if still in full time education, however once that exemption no longer applies the Mitrofanoff procedure does exempt you from paying for prescriptions.

You will need to ask the GP surgery for an FP92A form. You should ask a healthcare professional if you need help to fill in the form, they will also have to sign the form to say the information you have provided is correct. Although a Mitrofanoff is not stated on the form, it is a permanent fistula. You must state the Mitrofanoff procedure is a continent urinary diversion and intermittent self catheterisation is required approximately 6 times a day. Never assume everyone knows what the Mitrofanoff procedure is.

You can find out more about medical exemption and refunds on the NHS Business Authority’s website.

You can use a Home Delivery Service for your medical supplies and have them delivered to your home or preferred address. There is no cost involved with this.

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