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History & Purpose


Mitrofanoff Support was founded in early 2010 by Kyla Rogers and was the first support group for people with the Mitrofanoff procedure globally. Kyla had the Mitrofanoff procedure in 1998 and wanted to provide peer-to-peer support to others. On 2nd February 2012, Mitrofanoff Support became a Registered Charity in England and Wales – since then, the trustees and volunteers have donated their time and skills to oversee the aims and objectives of the Charity.


Mitrofanoff Support aims to promote and protect the physical and mental health of Mitrofanoff patients, their families and carers through the provision of support, education and general advice. We do this by providing information, emotional support and networking opportunities for patients and families who have had, or about to have, the Mitrofanoff procedure. This enables people to engage with healthcare professionals and other people in a similar situation, share their experiences and receive support. 


Mitrofanoff Support also aims to improve awareness of the Mitrofanoff procedure to the general public, as well as working with healthcare professionals and Hospital Trusts to help improve the education and awareness of living with a Mitrofanoff from a patient’s perspective. Should you like a representative of Mitrofanoff Support to come and give a presentation to your colleagues, please contact the Charity.

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