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Starting to use your Mitrofanoff

About six weeks after your operation you will go back to the hospital to have the Mitrofanoff and the supra pubic catheters removed and then you will start learning how to catheterise through your Mitrofanoff.  There is a lot to learn about your Mitrofanoff and it may feel daunting to begin with: however, it will not take long before it comes as second nature.

  • The nurse will have given you enough supplies of catheters to take home with you. 

  • You should catheterise at least 2 to 4 hourly throughout the day, do not leave it longer than this as there is a risk of infection and / or leakage.

  • There is a chance the Mitrofanoff could be difficult to catheterise, if the opening is too narrow or the valve too tight. This affects about a quarter of patients with a Mitrofanoff but it is easy to correct.

  • The Mitrofanoff may shrink slightly after the operation, which is common. In some people the Mitrofanoff may need to be stretched.

  • It will take about four weeks before you can hold a good capacity.

  • You should drink at least 1.5 to 2 litres a day, to prevent irritation and infections.

  • You will see your surgeon approximately three months after your surgery.

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