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Before the operation

You must be sure you are making the right decision based upon the information your specialist team has discussed with you and what is right for you long term. Make sure you have asked all the questions and have all the information you need. If you are unsure of anything you must find out prior to signing a consent form.

You will be referred to a Clinical Nurse Specialist within the hospital trust. This will be to discuss the surgery and your life with a Mitrofanoff. A date will then be booked for surgery.

You will have a pre-assessment appointment approximately two weeks prior to your admission, the nurse will talk to you about any questions and worries you may have, and give you given your admission letter and information.

Each surgeon will have a different bowel preparation. This may involve eating a low residue diet on the third and second day before the surgery and only have a liquid diet the day before. You must also ensure your bowels are opened daily prior to the operation, as it will be a few days after the surgery that you will open them again. If you are irregular you may need a prescription to get something to help - make an appointment with your GP.

It is important to take enough belongings into hospital with you, such as a change of clothing, nightclothes, socks and slippers, any special drinks and a book to keep you going for 10-14 days. Try not to take any valuables.

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