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After going home

When going home you will still feel very weak, and you should try to do a little bit more each day to increase and keep building your strength and stamina. Your body will tell you when you are doing too much or you need a rest.

  • ​When the wounds have started to scab, you will be able to have a shower. When doing so make sure you wash around the area with care and when drying dab dry carefully with a sterile dressing, to prevent infection and making the site sore.

  • ​You may have steri-strips over the scar, they will fall off on their own accord. Do not try taking them off. Leave them for as long as possible.

  • ​You will be asked to observe the wound and visit your GP if infection occurs where they may issue antibiotics. The district or community nurses may visit you at home to check your wound, dressings and general well-being. 


Your appetite may be slow for some time after, so take supplements if needed. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as possible.

Within the first 6 weeks you will not be able to do any lifting or driving. Full recovery will take 3 – 12 months depending on the surgery involved. ​

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