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Professor Christopher Woodhouse – Medical Ambassador

Professor Woodhouse is a Consultant Urologist at The Royal Marsden Hospital who specialises in Urinary Tract Cancer, Reconstructive and Congenital Malformations. He became a urological surgeon in 1970, was a senior registrar at the Institute of Urology from 1977–1981 and a senior lecturer between 1981–1997. He has been a Clinical Director of Urology at The University College London Hospital since 2001 and became a Professor in 2006.

Professor Woodhouse has great experience and expertise with the Mitrofanoff and was the first urologist to perform the Mitrofanoff in the United Kingdom in the early 1980’s.

Mitrofanoff Support is honoured to have Professor Woodhouse as Medical Ambassador of the charity and is very much looking forward to working along side him.

Ken Edwards

Ken Edwards joined Mitrofanoff Support at its inception in 2010 and helped at many events before becoming Chairman in 2013. In 2015 he stood down from that role due to other commitments and now oversees Partnership Liaison, dealing with our sponsors and other national bodies. He is a passionate voice about the Mitrofanoff procedure and our charity.


Ken was born and lives in Salisbury and is Chairman of the Wessex Stoma Support Group. He is heavily involved in the local area and is also involved in the National Campaign for Access to Disabled Toilets and Signage.


Aled Griffiths – Children’s Ambassador

Aled Griffiths was born in 2003 with “VACTERL Association”. One of the issues he was born with was a small Neuropathic bladder. In 2011 he had a bladder augmentation and because of his hand issues, a Mitrofanoff and ACE were formed.

Aled enjoys talking to people about his issues and has done several talks to medical professionals as well as to children and parents at a VACTERL conference in the USA. The latest talk was to 600 nurses at a Stoma nurse conference which received fantastic reviews.

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