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By submitting this form you are permitting Mitrofanoff Support, as controllers of your personal data, to send you communications from the charity about the event by email.

In the event you wish to receive our full package of marketing information by email, letter and/or phone (including journals and product information) we need your explicit confirmation so please visit to confirm your consent and we will add you to our marketing mailing list so that you can receive all the charity marketing information.


Please note that we do not provide your information to third parties for marketing purposes. All information comes directly from Mitrofanoff Support about our charity.


You may require us to stop providing the communications in relation to the event at any time by contacting us using the details given below. Should you make this request, we will retain your personal data to the extent necessary to ensure that your preferences are honoured, on the grounds of our legitimate interests in (i) ensuring that we meet your request and (ii) complying with our obligations under data protection law. We will also remove your personal data if at any time we become aware that the contact details that we are using for this purpose are no longer valid.


Your personal data will be transferred by certain of our suppliers to systems in the United States ( who host our website, Podio who extract our web data to our charity database and to Hootsuite, our social media management tool provider), as well as certain other suppliers who will process Your personal data the UK and other countries in the European Union. Where appropriate, Mitrofanoff Support uses data transfer agreements to ensure these transfers are lawful. 


For questions about your privacy, including to obtain copies of relevant documentation, please contact us by email at


Individuals residing in Europe have rights in relation to their personal data, including the right to complain to their local Data Protection Authority.  For more details of those rights and your other rights before submitting this form, please see our online privacy policy at

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