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Inspiring Patient Blogs

We are delighted to offer links to two blogs that chronicle the very personal journeys of Mitrofanoff patients.

Kerenza C Holzman spoke eloquently at out Portsmouth Education Day about her journey towards the procedure which happened recently. Catch up with her progress here.

She has also kindly put together a list of questions that she would have loved to have asked in the lead up to her operation - click here to access.

We can also introduce Kate who is further into her journey, having had the operation at the age of 14. Her engagingly-written website, The Indisposed, contains blogs on a variety of topics including a ten step tour of the world of Mitrofanoff.

Kate says: "After having to give up work when my kidneys went into failure in 2017, I started The Indisposed as a way to share my experiences of living with multiple health conditions, including: Chronic Kidney Disease, urological abnormalities, resulting in the construction of a Mitrofanoff, an ileostomy as well as gynaecological issues, including Endometriosis.

"The Indisposed talks about illness and disability in the hopes to support others in their own journey, whatever illness or disability fun and games they have going on."

Read more inspiring stories in our journals.

(Please note that the blog websites are not affiliated to Mitrofanoff Support and the views contained within them are personal thoughts of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the charity).

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