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Olly flies high - The adventures of a Mitrofanoff child

Ten year old Olly has had his Mitrofanoff since he was just three years old. He is extremely independent and manages his care both at school and at home. He is my very own superhero and, in my opinion, the bravest person in the world! I know this because I’m lucky enough to be his Mum. In writing this blog I just wanted to reassure other parents whose children have had, or are about to have, the Mitrofanoff that it really won't stop your child from doing all the things they love.

In October Olly went on his first residential school trip. I was so nervous about him going as he’s only ever had sleep-overs at his cousin’s and this would be three whole nights away and without any contact at all! But of course I didn’t need to worry as this was Olly and he just ‘gets on with it.’ I’ll let you tell him more in his own words….

How did you feel about going on your first residential Olly?

I was nervous in case something went wrong with my Mitrofanoff and Mum and Dad weren’t there to help but I was also excited because I was going to be doing lots of fun things with my friends. What sort of fun things did you get to do?

We did an obstacle course, where we had to jump through tyres, swing on ropes and jump through and under things, we got really muddy! We also went into the woods in groups and I had to wear a blindfold and my two other friends directed me through a course, I had to climb backwards over things and go under and over objects trusting the others to guide me. We also climbed up a really, really high pole and had to be brave enough to jump off it - I did it, it was great fun!

Did you have any problems with your Mitrofanoff while you were there?

None at all, I just had loads of fun, we even got to eat sweets in our dormitories in our pyjamas!

Would you like to go away without your parents again? Yes, because it was fun and Mum and Dad weren’t there to boss me around!! Olly and Rachel

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