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A Statement from our Charity Patron, Dan Wood 

I am writing to the many patients, colleagues and friends that I have worked with over many years through UCLH and Mitrofanoff Support. You may have heard that I have been offered a job as Professor of Urology at the University of Colorado in Denver, this is a very exciting and prestigious professional opportunity for me. I am extraordinarily grateful for all the support, I have had from so many people over the years, that has brought me to this point.

We have worked hard at UCLH to appoint a successor to my role; Professor Gunter De Win and Mr Anthony Noah will continue our work as part of the team - you will be in excellent hands.

I have tried to tell people this news in person, where possible, but the pandemic has meant my ability to do this has been very limited. Our administrative staff have been heavily burdened with the extra work that Covid has bought for them, in unfamiliar circumstances. I apologise to anyone who has not heard from me directly but I could not burden the team by writing to everybody in the way I would have liked to.

It has been an extraordinary privilege to work with you all. I was delighted to be asked to continue as an International Patron for Mitrofanoff Support and look forward to working alongside your wonderful new Patron - Miss Claire Taylor - a consultant reconstructive urologist at Guys Hospital in London.

Finally, I have had some wonderful messages of thanks and support from those people I have managed to speak to. I am so grateful and truly humbled. I will always remain a friend and colleague of Mitrofanoff Support, the team at UCLH and the incredible patients I have met and worked with over the years. Thank you all so very much.

Best wishes


(August 2021)


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