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Bespoke Training sessions

Mitrofanoff Support offers bespoke training for care homes, day facilities, and educational establishments on the theory, care, and management of the Mitrofanoff procedure. This training is suitable for both medical and non-medical personnel.

Our trainer, a Urology Clinical Nurse Specialist, possesses comprehensive knowledge of the Mitrofanoff procedure and has been an integral part of the Mitrofanoff Support Charity since its inception.

The session

  • Up to 3 hours, including Q&A

Topics covered will include:​

  • History of the Mitrofanoff, physiology and benefits

  • Care and maintenance of the Mitrofanoff channel

  • Common issues and how to treat them

  • Washouts: what they are, why they are needed and procedure details

Additional topics can be included if requested.

(Mitrofanoff Support presumes that practical training will be carried out by the current caregiver)

Pricing (for one session with one trainer)

  • Online: £150

  • Onsite: £200 + expenses (travel and accommodation)

What we need from you

If the training session is related to a particular person with the Mitrofanoff then please provide:

  • Name, age and gender

  • Medical history that required them to have the Mitrofanoff

  • Any underlying or additional medical conditions

  • When, where and by whom the Mitrofanoff was carried out

  • Mitrofanoff management details prior to your involvement

  • Details about your facility; how long the person will stay with you; why they attend your facility; equipment currently used any other relevant details



  • We issue certificates on completion of the training course

  • For up to 8 participants, £10 for all certificates

  • For up to 15 participants, £15 for all certificates


How to book

Please eMail Tania at to arrange the details

  • days / dates that you are able to have all your participants available for training

  • Provide all information about the Mitrofanoffer, to enable the training to be tailored to their specific needs

  • Payment will be via BACS


Please try to give at least 4 weeks notice to guarantee availability, especially for in-person sessions

We look forward to hearing from you

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