Message from our medical team:

On behalf of Mitrofanoff Support, we have had a number of enquiries and are taking this opportunity to clarify the Government’s Covid vaccination schedule in relation to those who have a Mitrofanoff.

Having a Mitrofanoff does not place you in any higher risk category either in terms of catching Covid or more seriously affected if you do catch it. Therefore, you will simply need to follow all government guidance and await the letter/call/message from your local team inviting you for vaccination.  

If you have specific health conditions that place you in a higher risk group then you may be prioritized on those grounds.  If you are in doubt you should clarify this with your GP, if you are worried.  A Mitrofanoff alone does not place you in a higher priority group.


Mitrofanoff Support provides information, emotional support, reassurance and networking.

Urology problems in general and bladder problems, in particular, are not subjects that are openly discussed. Hence, there is a general lack of knowledge and awareness of what it is like to have a Mitrofanoff.


Mitrofanoff Support offers information and reassurance to individuals (and the people closest to them) who may be about to have, or already have, a Mitrofanoff.

We also work with Healthcare Professionals and Hospital Trusts to improve education and awareness of what it is like to live with a Mitrofanoff. 

The purpose of the operation is to restore confidence and convenience to those experiencing incontinence and other urological issues. It is a long-term solution to enable patients to maintain a normal quality of life.

The procedure may be an option for those with congenital malformations, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries, or bladder and prostate cancer.

It is important that you take control of your medical condition and not allow it to control you.

What is a Mitrofanoff?

  • Creates a channel into the bladder

  • A catheter is used via the channel to empty the bladder


The purpose of this operation is to form a channel between the bladder and the wall of the abdomen to allow intermittent self-catheterisation ie. drainage of the bladder

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